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21 stories 21 days: 14th July

I see that people lack knowledge…there is a lot to be done

‘They say knowledge is power, I did not know that. I thought that with the children I have – I cannot have HIV, they are alive…  Continue reading


21 stories 21 days: 13th July

I have learnt that I am not alone

“…my baby and I were diagnosed four years ago and this saved him from death. This was because of the early detection that offered us more options for treatment. Thanks to God he is now getting well and has recovered from all kinds of infections… Continue reading

21 stories 21 days: 12th July

They shouldn’t be scared because that fear will kill them

“…you know, this thing of saying that ‘I am living with HIV’, I tell some people but not all the community, because some people may discriminate you and not feel comfortable with you. You see, there are those who have no information about this disease Continue reading

21 stories 21 days: 10th July

Everybody can stigmatise you, whether they are educated or not…

“I can say stigma is a sign of disgrace or shame which is humiliating and demeaning to those who are subject to it… Here I must confess one thing. When I am not working, I always prefer to be alone and mostly stay at home. HIV, and its worst effect stigma, made my life dark. I lost my lovely and my young husband… Continue reading

21 stories 21 days: 8th July

When people are laughing it is like they are laughing at you

“…in this situation I am in you find that when people are talking you end up thinking they are talking about you… when the truth is these people are talking on their own… When people are laughing it is like they are laughing at you… Continue reading