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21 stories 21 days: 20th July

The stigma was within me

‘I had difficulty in disclosing my status at home because I thought they would discriminate against me. But luckily my mother was able to make me feel comfortable enough to tell her, because she was very close to me…we sat down and talked, she asked me about the results. Continue reading

21 stories 21 days: 17th July

…people think the virus lives on our hands

‘I felt free [when I knew my status]. I was not troubled a lot… I did not encounter what others do when if someone knows that you have this disease they don’t like having you in their home, they do not invite you. No, that did not happen to me. I quickly see if someone is discriminatory towards me and I just go home. Continue reading

21 stories 21 days: 12th July

They shouldn’t be scared because that fear will kill them

“…you know, this thing of saying that ‘I am living with HIV’, I tell some people but not all the community, because some people may discriminate you and not feel comfortable with you. You see, there are those who have no information about this disease Continue reading